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Outlook for European equities: From a standpoint of ‘style’…


  • Some value stocks trade at levels not seen since the financial crisis
  • Cyclical downturns are being mistaken for a permanent, structural failure
  • A number of European companies offer attractive, well-supported dividend yields


  • Growth stocks appear vulnerable to disappointment
  • For now, the market remains unswayed by value stocks’ improving earnings
  • Predicting when a style bubble will burst is impossible

A battle is raging within European equity markets…

Full Article here – https://www.artemisfunds.com/en/gbr/adviser/investment-insights/2019/dec/artemis-outlook-for-european-equities-pc-2020?utm_source=fundswire_b2b&utm_medium=content&utm_campaign=content_2020&utm_content=outlook_pear

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