About Greenfields

Helping You And
Your Money To Live Well

Greenfields Financial Management was built on a foundation of genuine care for people passionate about making the most of their money. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, we’ve built success not only in finances but also in our relationships.

As we’re driven by people and not profits, we get to know you and your goals and always provide advice and service tailored just for you – always keeping your best interests at heart.

To deliver independent, genuine, and smart advice that always puts our client’s interests first.

To make it possible for people to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

Our Story

We noticed that many financial advisors were dedicated to no more than their bottom line, giving their clients little to no value beyond the bare minimum.

They didn’t ask questions, didn’t answer yours, and certainly didn’t think about your financial future when working with you. That just didn’t sit right with us, so we set out to provide a service that worked in the opposite way— putting people above profits.